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Homework and Curriculum


Dates and Time

Homework goes home on Monday and comes back to school on Friday. If homework is not turned in on time students will lose recess time. Students will not be allowed to call home if they forget their homework.



Parent help and support is recommended for homework, especially for the first month or so. After that make sure you are available for questions if needed. Parents should read over homework and feel free to write any questions you may have on the packet.



Spelling lists will be sent home on Mondays with other homework and tests will be given on Fridays. I recommend that students do one page a night as well as review all words on Thursday.  Spelling lists are leveled and may change during the year.


Math Connects
Math Connects is our district adopted curriculum and the one I use most often for homework. Most weeks kids will get a packet that includes one math page per night (it will be labeled). I recommend that you do the packet as labeled, otherwise some concepts may not have been covered.  Within Math Connects there are three levels of homework. I will level the homework for your child each week to the best of my abilities. Some weeks your child may get two homework sheets for the same night, in that case you and your child can decide which one to do.



In class I am using a combination of whole group and small guided reading groups.


Reading should become part of your child’s homework routine and I would recommend that all kids read at least 15 minutes a night. I will be sending home some additional reading homework from time to time.



Storyline will be used to integrate the curriculum while allowing the students to become active participants in a story. It gives children a purpose for learning and completing tasks. The third grade topics may include weather, space, community, Pacific Rim, and Oregon change/economy.
I require two projects a year, one in October and one in February or March. I will also provide an opportunity for extra credit each month.



Please make attendance a priority. Try to schedule appointments before or after school or during the day when your child will not be missing something important.



Weekly timed math, spelling, and reading comprehension tests will be given.

Math Connects assessments will be given at the end of each unit.

Baseline tests will be given in early fall, winter, and spring.

State math and reading tests will be administered two times a year by computer, usually in late fall and spring.


Writing, Math, and Speech Performance Tasks will be completed by the end of May.



Parent-student-teacher conferences are scheduled in the fall and late winter. Parents may always request additional conferences if necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call or email me at 382-2853 or


I am looking forward to a great year!


Mrs. Black