Maximize student distance at all times.

  • Students will be regularly taught and reminded about the importance of keeping a 6ft distance from others. 
  • To the extent possible desks will be spaced 6ft feet apart.
  • Students will have a designated space that creates as much space as possible when they line up to leave the classroom. 
  • Students must have individual materials stored at their desks.. No shared supplies when possible. Clean shared items frequently.
  • Students/staff will wash/sanitize their hands frequently.
    • Wash/sanitize hands when entering the classroom in the morning.
    • Sanitizer stations will be attached to the walls near exterior doors. As students enter the building they will need to utilize the sanitation station. *This must be done after recess or time must be set aside for hand washing in the classroom.
    • Wash/sanitize hands prior to recess and lunch.
  • Teachers will develop a routine to frequently wipe down “high touch” surfaces: sink, paper towel dispenser, soap dispenser, door handles, etc
  • Face covering guidance: Facial coverings are required and will be provided by RSD for staff and students who need one. (Masks)