Mrs. Sterzinger

Tumalo Kindergarten Goals

Below is a list of goals that all kindergarteners should reach by the end of May.


Long Term Literacy Goals:

  • Recognize all upper and lower case letters
  • Know letter sounds
  • Know rhyming words
  • Know how to blend small words: cat, pup, etc.
  • Know how to segment words: mud /m/u/d/
  • Know basic sight words – read, spell, and write (see list)
  • Write first and last name with a capital at the beginning and the rest lowercase letters
  • Hold the pencil the correct way
  • Form the letters correctly from top to bottom


Long Term Math Goals:

    • Recognize numerals 0-20
    • Write numerals 0-20
    • Count from 0 to 30
    • Sort objects by more than one attribute
    • Copy and make a pattern
    • Be able to do simple addition and subtraction problems with manipulatives
    • Name a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter


Long Term Social Development Goals:

    • Actively listens
    • Plays well with peers
    • Keeps hands to themselves
    • Is respectful
    • Follows directions
    • Stays with a task (perseveres)
    • Gives best effort
    • Organizes self and belongings
  • Name the shapes- circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval