I hope each of you were able to find some extra time to take care of yourself, your family and those in “your circle” during the break. Each holiday season I’m reminded how important it is to slow down and enjoy the people in our lives who we don’t see often enough! Although we had some days off last month it was filled with many positive events here at Tumalo School. We started November with an amazing Grandparents and Special Friends Day that brought over 230 grandparents and special friends to our building. November brought parent conferences, classroom visits from local Veterans, field trips, culminations and Thanksgiving food baskets with complete meals to 11 of our families. This year we were able to add a bouquet of flowers to our Thanksgiving food baskets as Trader Joes donated flowers. In addition, we had our 2nd Dads and Dudes Breakfast of the year where we had over 100 dad’s, dudes and kids attend. These events tie into our school beliefs, strengthen our community connections and help create well-rounded young people. Special thanks to the Tumalo staff, Tumalo PTC and community members for helping make these events a huge success!

          As we start back to school after Thanksgiving Break, we have a nice block of uninterrupted time for teachers to deliver valuable, high quality lessons and students to work on acquiring new knowledge and skills. It is critical to tryand keep consistent routines at home especially after breaks. Please help your child stay focused on any goals that may have been set during parent conferences in addition to creating a time and space for them to complete their reading and any homework. Remember that listening to your child read or reading a story together is a great way for students to increase their reading skills while giving you an indicator of their growth and improvement. One major factor in all students’ success is strong attendance and arriving to class on time. We have always had a goal of 95% attendance (3.5 days or less at this point in the year) here at Tumalo. At this point we have a 96% attendance rate which is tied for #1 in the Redmond School District. We also have the lowest Chronic Attendance rate (10.2%) in the district as well…way to go students and families!!! The State of Oregon defines chronic absenteeism as attendance below 90% (5 1/2 days or more at this point in the year). Here at Tumalo we believe in whole child education which includes family time but we also ask families to do their best in supporting us in meeting our attendance goals!
          Once again, I want to thank all parents and community members for their continuedsupport of our staff and Tumalo School!


Tumalo Community School Principal