Title 1A – Reading – Mrs. Larkin

My name is Cynthia Larkin and I am in my sixth year as Tumalo Community School’s Title 1A Reading Specialist.  I enjoy helping kindergarten through third grade students accelerate their reading skills by working in small groups with specialized programs.  

In Title 1 our goal is to help your child attain confidence in reading skills as quickly as possible to successfully participate in grade level reading.  I also try to instill a love of reading so that every child understands the importance of reading as a lifelong skill.

Each day I will read with your child in a small group for approximately 25 minutes.  During this intensive teaching time I use research-based direct instruction materials such as; Sound Partners, Road to the Code, Phonics for Reading, 95% and Reading Mastery. Please be assured that your child will not miss any core instruction from their regular classroom teacher and core curriculum.

It is a top priority for me to work with you as a partner in your child’s learning. Throughout the year I will reach out to parents for a time to sit down and discuss their child’s reading progress. Also, please contact me at any time with questions or concerns.   I am excited to be working as a member of the Tumalo Community School to help every child be successful in reading !

  541.382.2853  x 4614       8:00-12:00 M-F


 2019-20 Title 1 Parent Involvement Plan

  2018-19 Tumalo Title IA Tiger Success Plan