Mrs. Hopper

Welcome to Mrs. Hopper’s Physical Education Class
My name is Corrie Hopper and I am so excited to be teaching at Tumalo School. I absolutely love my job and look very forward to a new school year.
I have experience teaching physical education at all grade levels and am committed to being a lifetime student of current trends in physical education.
Physical Fitness is an integral part of a school curriculum.  In addition, it is essential for the optimum growth and development of healthy children.  My goal at Tumalo is to provide all necessary tools for students to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.


  • I believe consistent activity will raise a child’s level of fitness and that is my goal!   Children have a natural appetite for moving, performing and being active.  That is awesome. 
  • Using this tenacity as a stepping stone I will provide students with the tools needed to be healthy adults.
  • The PE program at Tumalo will ensure that students will have the opportunity to make informed, positive decisions about their lifestyle.  I promise to personalize their education with creativity, intensity and cooperative skills. 

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